Alan Robert Horvath (1952-2010)

Readings and Music Archives


This archive presents an almost-comprehensive collection of Alan Horvath's recorded poetry readings and music from his band Solo, which was active in the late 70s and early 80s.  We've included Alan's own few brief notes on the readings, and his wry and insightful history of Solo and commentary on most of the songs. 

In response to a question from his friend and fellow musician Rich Pike a few years ago about what he considered to be his best work, Alan wrote:

         "Best work?

        "That is a vanity question & I'm lacking a lot of it these days.  Off the top of my head -- I'm proud of "Taken Away" & "It's Worth Something" as songs.  "Wiping the Slate Clean" was probably my best performance.  You try turning "She Couldn't Get Me Hard" into a sing-a-long.  I never look at my poems.  In fact, I never look at any of the books I've published unless I am forced.  I gave a reading in Kent in 1999 & read a poem from each of my poetry books in chronological order.  That was the last time I put any thought into this subject.  "Terminal" & "Anthem (Dream Gestapo #8)" might be OK poems."

With his usual modesty, Alan almost deflects the question; then, as always, his honesty gets the upper hand.  We have been able to offer most of his 'bests' here.  In addition, Rich points to an important poem, "in site #8," which became "Until the Last Light Goes Out," presented in audio here and in writing at the Light & Dust side of the Memorial.

Warm thanks to Kathy Horvath, Rich Pike, and Keegan Markhardt for their strong efforts and generous support for this project.

Ingrid Swanberg