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Thomas Rain Crowe, Driving the Green Road: Poems from Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Thomas Rain Crowe is an internationally-published and recognized author, editor, and translator of more than 30 books, including the multi-award winning nonfiction nature memoir Zoro’s Field: My Life in the Appalachian Woods (2005), an internationally acclaimed anthology of contemporary Celtic language poets entitled Writing the Wind: A Celtic Resurgence (The New Celtic Poetry) and his collection of poetry The Laugharne Poems written at the Dylan Thomas boathouse in Laugharne, Wales in 1993 and 1995. He has been an editor of major literary and cultural journals and anthologies and is founder and publisher of New Native Press ( He lived in San Francisco during the 1970s working alongside all the people cited in his most recent book Starting From San Francisco: Beats, Baby Beats & The 1970s San Francisco Renaissance and was an original member of the group responsible for the resurrection of Beatitude magazine during those years. His archives are collected in the Special Collections Library at Duke University. He is a longtime resident of his boyhood home in the Blue Ridge chain of the Southern Appalachian mountains.

This collection, Driving the Green Road: Poems form Ireland, Scotland & Wales, presents poems drawn from Crowe’s travels in those Celtic countries. Book, 54 pages, ISBN 978-0-941160-19-3, $16 + $3 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping.

“Thomas Rain Crowe is a poet who believes in journeys. His poems stem from a sensibility that is far-reaching and worldwide in its intensity while at the same time able to absorb the particularity of everyday life. [Driving the Green Road] is the result of that collaboration between poet and place which was mainly carried out during the summers of 1993 and 1995. His lyric voice documents visions of humanity that are uplifting and present a worldview that is subversively humane. He is tough and yet tender in his approach; he is dark and yet illuminating as he tries to engage his readers in the power of the song. Those elements of Crowe’s oeuvre are present, here, in this book as well.” —Menna Elfyn, Welsh language poet, playwright and editor, Llandysul, Dyfed, Wales

David Cope, The Invisible Keys: New and Selected Poems. This collection spans David Copeʼs entire career, from the first working poems of the early 70s through many permutations of style and substance right up to 2017.  Copeʼs earlier books were praised by Carl Rakosi and Robert Creeley; Allen Ginsberg wrote the foreword to his first collection, Quiet Lives, and his second, On The Bridge, was selected for the 1988 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters Award in Literature. Book, 122 pages, ISBN 978-0-941160-18-6, 2018. $16 + $3 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping.

George Drury notes, “acknowledged by many of his peers and mentors for his ability to render precise images, Cope is never content to use that talent as a gimmick.” He has written formidably of the struggles of America’s working people, key events in the world at large, the nation’s many wars, and intimate moments in the lives of his family and friends. As James Ruggia once said, “his mastery of phrasing at times seems to peel the skin from his subjects . . . the poems become transcendent when they begin to dwell on Cope’s favorite theme—the human gesture.”

“I enjoy Copeʼs stretch from familial to sublime and his consummate poetʼs generous heart.  The songs keep churning and turning after the pages do their turn: ‘I send you this wish where tender petals turn, open in both darkness and light.ʼ”  —Anne Waldman

“To borrow Willa Cather’s words, I believe that, like The Book of Poetry, The Invisible Keys would follow its millennium-old predecessor, and ‘confront time and change so serenely.ʼ”

—Hong Sun

“The Invisible Keys . . . achieves what Francis Bacon describes as ‘the quavering upon a stop in music’ that is not simply a similitude, but the same footsteps of nature. . . . The objective surface of his poems can be understood not just as an expression of his emotional and philosophical detachment but more of his social conscience and commitment.” —Wang Guanglin

Some Cats is a collaboration presenting poems by Ingrid Swanberg and drawings by W.D. Markhardt exploring the nuances of character and human inter-relationships of some of the many cats they have known, and offering up a wide range of experiences, from wonderment to affection to loss to laughter. Ruth Coelho, a sculptor working in Northern California, writes of Some Cats: “Thereʼs no screen between the reader and the poems and drawings; the work is all completely immediate, expressing pure feeling.” Chapbook, illustrated, 36 pages, ISBN 978-0-941160-17-9, 2017. $7 + $3 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

Stephen M. Miller, Jacinda Poems. Eros & whimsy meet in six poems dedicated to the enigmatic Jacinda. Broadside (11 X 17), illustrated, 1981. $3 + $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

Jonathan Levenson, tom neale, Jim Dalglish, Road Poems. Three poems in the Whitmanesque tradition of the open road. Broadside (11 X 17), illustrated, 1981. $3 + $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

tom neale, Streets and Seasons. Poems in communion with the natural world within the confines of life in a small Midwestern city. Chapbook, 16 pages, ISBN 0-951160-00-91981, 1981 (rare). $15+ $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

Ingrid Swanberg, Flashlights. Narrative and lyrical poetry.  Includes the poems "grandfather" and "working the morning shift." Chapbook, 18 pages, ISBN 0-941160-01-7,  1981. Out of print; available from rare books sellers, including

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Jonathan Moore, A Protecting Music. A passionate and lyrical engagement with the dark side of the Americas.  Includes "to d.a.levy." Chapbook),19 pages, ISBN 0-941160-02-5,  1981. Out of print; available from rare books sellers, including

"Jonathan Moore covers more territory in 18 pages. . . .than most

poets manage in full-length books. . . We're rendered a little

breathless by the unrelenting, furious pace of these pages."

–Laurel Speer


Martín Espada, The Immigrant Iceboy's Bolero. Original first edition of Espada's first book; includes black and white photo essay by Frank Espada. Book, 30 pages, ISBN 0-941160-07-6, 1982 ; Out of print; available from sellers of rare books, including

  1. "A lovely first book of striking poems, de autor puertorriqueno, with
    photographs by the author's father, Frank Espada. The vision here is of urban events."

  2. Bilingual Review

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Ivan Argüelles, The Tattooed Heart of the Drunken Sailor. Twenty poems by the winner of the prestigious William Carlos Williams Prize (1990). Argüelles regards Tattooed Heart as one of his best books. Chapbook, 28 pages, ISBN 0-941160-07-6,  1983 (rare; two copies available, one with faint pen marks on front cover; one with faint mark on back cover; both new, with some wear from storage) $50+ $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

"A poet of fantastically vivid imagery and great emotional force."
–George Hitchcock

"If proof were needed that Surrealism is a spontaneous expression of the poetic mind, Argüelles would be the one to provide it. In the tradition of the madder, darker and more mystical Surrealists like Renâ Crevel and Antonin Artaud, Argüelles weaves his mad web of images out of an impossible depth."

–Andrei Codrescu, The Baltimore Sun

"Argüelles works in terribilita. His images work with the under-logics of music, setting symphonics of terror and healing in all directions at once. He does not sentimentalize, he foments. . . .he refuses only littleness."

–Will Inmann

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Connie Fox (a.k.a. Hugh Fox), The Dream of the Black Topaze Chamber. Long poem of ecstatic metamorphosis through a poetic alchemy of Brazilian gemstones. Chapbook, 16 pages, ISBN 0941160-06-8, 1983. $10 + $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

  1. "Ms Fox. . .opens with a thickly textured poem encrusted with religious, ethnic-ancient, and Christian motifs, a kind of stray-dog's mummy-meat feast of lost souls waiting to be found. All focuses on Fox's chamber bed–splendidly arrayed for sex both kinky and metaphysical."
    –Robert Peters, Small Press Review

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Peter Wild, Heretics. Poetic speech cavorting in surreal caprice. Chapbook, 16 pages, ISBN 0-941160-03-3, 1981. $5+ $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

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Peter Wild, Getting Ready for a Date. Poetry of fabulous galloping imagery and movement. Perfect bound, fine paper, limited signed and numbered edition of 150. 44 pages, ISBN 0-941160-09-2, 1984. $15 + $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

  1. "Although central to his poems is the landscape of America's Southwest. Peter Wild's poetry sweeps across the continent of human experience and fantasy. . . . He writes of the most essential and basic human conditions by using language alert to particularization and vivid in its dreamlike quality. . . . Like a man who quietly folds back a cardboard facade or parts gradually a heavy curtain on which is painted an idealized landscape, Wild infuses his poems with convoluted and unexpected images that run rampant."

  2. –Walter Freed, Dictionary of Literary Biography

  3. "Whimsey and surrealism are hallmarks of his poetic voice, but he has
    prided himself on grounding his linguistic flights of fancy in ordinary
    experience. . . .springboard[ing] the poems into a galaxy of disparate
    nettings that enclose myth, history and fantasy in a web of lyric

  4. –Edward Butscher, Peter Wild

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w.r. rodriguez, the shoe shine parlor poems et al. Lively & inventive narrative poems celebrating the poet’s Puerto Rican heritage and the South Bronx neighborhood of his youth. Perfect bound, 48 pages, ISBN 0-941160-08-4, 1984. $10 + $3 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

"Sharp-edged poems about growing up in the South Bronx, where `night calls the ghosts of spice/fried fish and incense/to dance out the windows.'"

–Warren Woessner, A View from the Loft

". . .twenty-six thoroughly engaging and vividly urban poems. . . All are clearly written to be digested by the street people rodriguez knows the best."

Z Miscellaneous

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Gerald Locklin, The Death of Jean-Paul Sartre & Other Poems. Locklin at his playful and witty best, with numerous jabs landed upon the liberal elite. Chapbook, 32 pages, ISBN 0-941160-10-6, 1987. $8 + $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

  1. "Locklin. . .adopts a casual, discursive manner in ranging over West
    Coast mores and urban perils; sex, fatherhood, and domestic skirmishes;
    teaching, drinking and the pursuit of all the essential human appetites."
    The Oxford Companion to Twentieth Century Literature in English

  2. "I like his stuff. He swings from his heels. . . He's open and calls
    the shots. He's also funny and tells the truth."
    Charles Bukowski

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d.a.levy, Zen Concrete & Etc., edited by Ingrid Swanberg. The definitive collection of levy’s poetry, offering a basic selection from the range of  levy's poetic works. Includes facsimile reproductions of levy’s concrete poems, collages, and the first mimeo edition of Cleveland Undercovers. Also included: the entire Concrete collage sequence Zen Concrete, a radio interview with levy, and articles by levy’s contemporaries Douglas Blazek, Kent Taylor and D.R. Wagner. Book, 268 pages, ISBN 0-941160-04-1, Ghost Pony Press, 1991. $33 + shipping ($4 standard, $6.50 expedited, $12 Canada or $22 international)

"Literary biography and social document–as just these two things Zen Concrete & Etc. is well worth having. But its greatest value is as a collection of levy's textual poetry and visio-textual art."
–Bob Grumman, Small Press Review

d.a.levy ". . . was a poet's poet, working in the tradition of Blake,
Shelley, Thoreau or Rimbaud, that is, wherein the poet's Calling
includes a dedication to no less than a complete revolution of the
existing repressive social order. d.a.levy's life is a fire that
continues to burn on the Cuyahoga River."
–David Dahl, Exquisite Corpse

"Levy had a remarkable karma: he saw who he was, where he was, what his field of activity was, and what his tools were to be. . . .His hometown Cleveland, that he wouldn't move from. Like the Sioux warriors who tied themselves to a spear and stuck it in the ground, never to retreat."
–Gary Snyder, The Old Ways

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próspero saíz, the bird of nothing & other poems. Short and long poems, fragments, and epigrams rendered with an intense lyricism. Book, sewn binding, fine paper cover, illustrated, 168 pages, ISBN 0-941160-11-4, 1993. $20+ $3 (standard) or $5.00 (expedited) shipping

  1. ". . .the great eclipse is the `ECLIPSE OF THE SUN' . . .obliquely
    denouncing the erasure (by deadly writing) of a whole Native American culture, which the poem feels so movingly powerless to re-inscribe. . . the epic of American consciousness made problematical. . . . Like Leaves of Grass and its `America,' `the bird of nothing' encompasses much more than itself. But while the ambition of Whitman's poem was to translate a whole nation into the whole world, Saiz's exacting poem is an American poem that chooses to have no nation, or borders of any kind, for that matter. . . . An exquisitely fragmentary meditation that self-reflectively breaks in upon the ordered course of human life as it has been conceived of and written

  2. down in the western tradition.
    –Maria Irene Ramalho de Sousa Santos

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próspero saíz, horse. Five poems on the horse–a collection demonstrating the remarkable range of saíz’s style. In "the silence of lascaux" the fateful link between the horse and mankind is revealed as a wellspring of dread and art. "document" is a long poem exploring the role of the horse in the destruction of the Peoples of the Great Plains, the Spanish Conquest, the incursion in the American Southwest, and the fascist bombing of the Basque town of Guernica as presented by Picasso. The last three poems, "horse," "gorge" and "rain- mare" lyrically invoke timeless and hallucinatory visions rooted in the poet's beloved Southwest. Chapbook, hand-sewn, fine paper edition, illustrated, 24 pages, ISBN 0-941160-12-2, 1996. $12.50+$2 (standard) or $5.00 (expedited) shipping

"Besides naming anew some names which have been unnamed by history, [Saíz] also, most complexly, seeks to incorporate in his text certain things that defy all orders of language: death, pain, and the cry of anguish. . . . Saíz is attentive to every aspect of the act of naming, viz. the sound and beauty of names; the resurrection of forgotten or little-known names or names under the erasure of culture, time, and memory; the use of old forms; the distributed presence or delayed narration of a single name (Washita, Sheridan); the bold graphological shouting of a name (DOWA YALANNE) and, most impressively, the enactment of a crashing, toppling name (TENOCHTITLAN).”

–Dr. Jed Deppman, "Reading Próspero Saíz's "document" and the Absent Cry of History"

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próspero saíz, Chants of Nezahualcoyotl & Obsidian Glyph. The long poem “chants of nezahualcoyotl” explores the role and meaning of poetry in pre-Columbian Aztec Mexico, focusing on the greatest of Nahuatl poets, Fasting Coyote. “Obsidian Glyph” is a collection of lyric meditations on the sacred rites and poetic practices of the Aztecs in the time of the Fifth Sun. Includes Nahuatl pronunciation key and glossary. Book, sewn binding, fine paper cover, illustrated, 88 pages, ISBN 0-941160-13-0, 1996. $17+ $3 (standard) or $5.00 (expedited) shipping

  1. “saíz is the poet-laureate of the pre-Columbian. Chants of Nezahualcoyotl & Obsidian Glyph is filled with a terrible sense of regret and desperation. The old ways have been crowded out, massacred, buried: `the basin of mexico a long time darkening/no longer by the misty dampness of Tlaloc/but by strange clouds/I feel but do not know/there is a burning without fire and light. . . the skin itches and the hair turns brittle.' (p.69). . . Saiz goes beyond lamenting about lost pre-Columbian glories into the the center of pre-Columbian existentialism itself, the basic, fundamental sense of total ephemeralness. He is one of the most challenging writers to appear on the literary scene within recent memory."
    –Hugh Fox

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Books by & about d.a.levy Distributed by Ghost Pony Press

Zen Concrete & Etc., by d.a.levy, edited by Ingrid Swanberg. The definitive collection of levy’s poetry, offering a basic selection from the range of  levy's poetic works. Includes facsimile reproductions of levy’s concrete poems, collages, and the first mimeo edition of Cleveland Undercovers. Also included: the entire Concrete collage sequence Zen Concrete, a radio interview with levy, and articles by levy’s contemporaries Douglas Blazek, Kent Taylor and D.R. Wagner. 268 pages, ISBN 0-941160-04-1, Ghost Pony Press, 1991. $33 + shipping ($3 standard, $6.50 expedited, $12 Canada or $22 international)

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American Renegades: Kenneth Patchen, d.a.levy, D.R. Wagner. Catalog from the 1992 'American Renegades' exhibition at the University of Colorado, Boulder Art Galleries, curated by Michael Crane and B.L. Kennedy. Essays and poems from the opening conference by Crane, Kennedy, Wagner, Anne Waldman, Rita Bottoms, Ingrid Swanberg, Kent Taylor, Kon Petrochuk. Features high-quality color reproductions of visual poems (Patchen’s and levy’s) and miniature tapestries (Wagner’s). Exhibition catalog, 8 pages, 1992. $20 + $2 (standard) or $5 (expedited) shipping

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d.a.levy & the Mimeograph Revolution, edited by Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg. Includes a chronology of levy’s life and work, photographs of levy and his contemporaries, biographical essays, interviews, memoirs, critical appreciations, levy’s correspondence, color reproductions of levy’s art work, a generous selection of levy’s poetry, collages, and Concrete poetry, and the 2006 DVD of Kon Petrochuk’s film on levy, “if i scratch, if i write.” Contributors include Kent Taylor, rjs, T.L. Kryss, Russell Salamon, Karl Young, Jim Lang, Ed Sanders, John Jacob, Michael Basinski, Joel Lipman, Larry Smith, Ingrid Swanberg, et al. Book, 264 pages, ISBN-10: 1-933964-07-3; ISBN-13: 978-1-933964-07-2, Bottom Dog Press, 2007. $16 + $3 (standard) or $6.50 (expedited) shipping

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ukanhavyrfuckinciti bak: D.A. Levy: A Tribute to the Man, An Anthology of His Poetry, d.a.levy. Facsimile edition of the original 1967 edition edited by rjs and published by T.L. Kryss (Cleveland: Ghost Press). This famous anthology gathers an essential and extensive collection of levy’s poetry, Concrete poetry, picture-poems, prose, poetic manifestos and editorials, plus letters from poets and writers world-wide, written in support of levy after his indictment and arrest, and newspaper accounts of same. levy’s The North American Book of the Dead, Parts I-III (1966-67) is included. This 2007 edition also offers a contemporary listing of books, articles, theses, papers, booksellers, periodicals, small presses, bibliographies, web sites, films and music about d.a.levy, and a glossary of names and terms appearing in levy’s poetic works, including Cleveland place names, history and historical figures; hipster word meanings; Ancient Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Egyptian and Assyrian deities, figures, concepts and traditions evoked in the poems, Buddhist vocabulary, and more. Book, 250 pages (approx.), reprinted by Russell Salamon, 2007. $20 + shipping ($3 standard, $6.50 expedited, $12 Canada or $22 international) ― currently out of stock.

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