ingrid swanberg

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Awake  is pats & punches  of darkbeauty, interspersed amid lightruths. the poems
grabbed me straight off, because they are  not laid or written with a heavy pen. nothing cumbersome, or tiresome about this verse, but rather, something  invigorating and soul-lifting. hers give a new meaning to the term, ‘light verse.’                                        


     Green Panda Press

Simplicity and silence form the central axis of Swanberg’s poems, [they] are linguistic line drawings.

     —Andrea  Moorhead


As the Chinese define “empathy” as our ability to inhabit the forms of others, be they sentient or otherwise, thereʼs not a poem [in this collection] that does not radiate such empathy. When allʼs said and done, this is the poetʼs responsibility on earth . . . Still, there is that “line drawing” effect discussed––it harks to perhaps moments in life where we discovered our own imprinting from the wild, guarding that world from within, reflecting that world with our words. Maybe I think of someone like Joanne Kyger, whose body of work reflects an openness to all our unresolvable resolutions taking place inside of ourselves. . . The same feeling steams off the coolness of these pages . . .

     ―Jim Cohn

     Museum of American Poetics