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Websites relating to d.a.levy:

The d.a.levy homepage, hosted by The Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry, is the definitive levy website, presenting levy's poetry, visual poetry, collage, and painting as wells as essays and commentary by Alan Horvath, Ingrid Swanberg, Karl Young, and D.R. Wagner. There is also a section offering poetry dedicated to levy by bill bissett, Douglas Blazek, Grace Butcher, Alan Horvath, will inman, t.l.kryss, Jonathan Moore, Russell Salamon, rjs, Ingrid Swanberg, Kent Taylor, D.R. Wagner, and Karl Young. The homepage includes a bibliography of works by and about d.a.levy compiled by Kent Taylor and Alan Horvath.

Curators: Ingrid Swanberg, Karl Young, and Karl Kempton:


  1. The d.a.levy homepage includes Gary Snyderʼs famous essay “The Dharma Eye of d.a.levy”:

  2. http://www.thing.net/~grist/ld/dalevy/daesa-gs.htm

The d.a.levy collection of the Cleveland Memory Project catalogs Cleveland State Universityʼs levy holdings, and presents a digital collection of levyʼs poetry, artwork, periodicals and related ephemera, including manuscripts, photographs, and links to other sites:


Cleveland bookseller Jim Lowellʼs historic first bibliography of d.a.levyʼs work, A Preliminary Checklist of the Writings of d.a.levy (1942-1968),published in The Serif: Kent State University Library Quarterly; viii, no. 4, December, 1971. Includes an introductory address to levy by Lowell. Presented online by Luther Jett at Litkicks:


The d.a.levy archive at Kent State University:


A unique and very comprehensive d.a.levy bibliography by Jason Davis of Verdant Press (includes Kirpan Press editions otherwise not readily found online):


“a d.a. levy satellite,” special issue of Michael Rothenbergʼs Big Bridge, featuring essays and articles on levy by his contemporaries and others (edited by Ingrid Swanberg and Karl Young):


The d.a.levy center of the online magazine Deep Cleveland, edited by mark s. kuhar:


levyʼs Suburban Monastery Death Poem, presented by Crisis Chronicles Online Library, edited by John Burroughs:


A landmark translation into the French of d.a.levyʼs Suburban Monastery Death Poem, translation by Lucien Suel & Henry Meyer, Silo Academie 23, 28 Avril 2006:


Philip Metres reviews d.a.levy & the mimeograph revolution, edited by Larry Smith and Ingrid Swanberg (2007), Reading levy in Cleveland, Jacket Magazine, 2007:



© W.D. Markhardt 1981, originally appeared in Smoke Signals issue 2 #2&3