próspero saíz

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Five poems fully demonstrating the remarkable range of saíz' style. A beautiful hand-sewn, fine paper edition. In "the silence of lascaux" the fateful link between the horse and mankind is revealed as a wellspring of art (and dread). "document"explores the role of the horse in the destruction of the Peoples of the Great Plains, the Spanish Conquest, the incursion in the American Southwest, and the fascist bombing of the Basque town of Guernica as presented by Picasso. The last three poems, "horse," "gorge," and "rain-mare," invoke timeless visions, now hallucinatory, now dream-like, rooted in the poet's beloved Southwest. Illustrated with six original drawings based on the Lascaux cave paintings.

Illustrated; hand-sewn into Confetti Rust paper cover; 6" X 9"; 24 pages

ISBN: 0-941160-12-2 (regular edition)

ISBN: 0-941160-14-9 (limited edition of 50 signed & numbered by the poet)